Welcome to the Order Of Solace. A brief intro.

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Welcome to the Order Of Solace. A brief intro.

Post by Arien Leonidas on Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:40 am

Hey guys it's me Arien, welcome to the Order of Solace. The purpose of the order is to help people in happenstance of war, natural calamity,fighting against the corrupted and selfish leaders of our world. This is home ground for all the suppressed voices world wide, a voice for them to speak and fight against the very management that suppresses them. I welcome you all to our prestigious order and hope that you'll help us with our goals and in this fight against the greed, corruption, and war that covers the world in it's vengeful arms.

Signing out!

Your leader,

Arien Leonidas
Arien Leonidas

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